التاريخ : الاثنين 30 نوفمبر -0001 . القسم : Weekly Letter

Hajj lessons and through

In the name of Allah the Merciful

 Allah is great... Allah is great... Allah is great... there is no god but Allah

Allah is great! Allah is Great! and the praise to Allah


O people... your Lord is one... and your father is one... you are all from Adam, and Adam is from dust... The most honourable of you with Allah is the most pious of you...


O people, your blood and your money are forbidden to you until you meet your Lord.


O people... Satan has despaired of being worshipped in your land, but he is content to be obeyed in other than that which you despise of your deeds…


Dear brothers and sisters

May the peace, blessings, and mercy of Allah be upon you

Among the messages of heaven imposed on us, preserved in the heavens, under which we live in the sanctity of the mandate, the Seal of the Prophets shined with it on the Day of Arafa to be a proof against the people.. 

The Almighty for His servants is witnessed by the earth and the sky, and the meanings of divinity that revive in the human being the innate nature of his formation and his servitude to Allah the Creator alone, Glorified and Exalted be He, in an hour of the world’s hours in which all the members of the pilgrim’s body, which Allah  created from dust, are in harmony with the divine puff to live with the sanctity of these hours. From his eternal creation to bear the fidelity of the divine mandate “I am going to create a caliph on earth” in honor and preference over many of those who were created… So the hearts of those who are purified everywhere on Allah’s land will open with the blessing of sharing those who stand at Arafat in cheering, glorifying and exalting the days and hours of Hajj that gather the entire universe on Holy Call:


Allah is great... Allah is great... Allah is great... there is no Allah but Allah

Allah is great! Allah is Great! and the praise to Allah


Dear brothers and sisters

The nation and the entire creation live the rituals of Hajj in a divine timing preceded by sacred days and followed by sacred days ... and with them the heavenly messages and what the memory of the father of the prophets, our prophet Ibrahim, peace be upon him, carried from the lessons of sincerity of allegiance with the Creator Almighty, pure obedience, sacrifice, redemption and complete surrender, which Allah Almighty made A Qur’an recited from its inception until the Hour of the Hour since he rejected what his people worshipped “ So he smashed them into pieces “, so they fled to him a fire, so he adhered to his certainty, so Allah's command came to the fire, “ Be cool and safe for Abraham!” ..


 To live after that, his whole life, the state of connection with the sky, manifesting in his heart its lights, welcoming the decree of Allah , satisfied with it, and a way to kinship. She has to go alone between Al-Safa and Al-Marwa until the well of Zamzam explodes, so that the pursuit becomes one of the rituals of Hajj, and when he says to his son prophet Ismail (peace be upon him): 

 “O my dear son! I have seen in a dream that I ˹must˺ sacrifice you. So tell me what you think.” 


Let the flash of light come and the message delivery to both the father and the son, fulfilling the covenant and acting on the mandate that the noble verse came with.

“O my dear father! Do as you are commanded. Allah willing, you will find me steadfast.”


And then comes contentment and mercy descends upon them and the divine call that is recited from the Qur’an until the Day of Resurrection 


“ We called out to him, “O Abraham! … You have already fulfilled the vision. Indeed, this is how We reward the good-doers… That was truly a revealing test… And We ransomed his son with a great sacrifice “ . 


The meanings of the incident remain perfectly clear with what it brought from the trials of adversity... and the costs of calling to Allah ... and telling the truth... which included the messengers of Allah  and the followers of the messengers, young and young. The only one  prophet Ismail, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon them:


“They embraced Islam...this is Islam in its reality...trust, obedience, contentment, contentment, submission and implementation, and both of them find in themselves nothing but these feelings that only great faith can make.”


It is not courage and daring ... It is not impulsiveness and enthusiasm ... The Mujahid rushes into the field ... He kills and is killed and the guerrilla rushes in knowing that he may not return ... But this is all one thing and what prophet Ibrahim and prophet Ismail (peace be upon them) made here is another. ... There is no effervescent blood here, nor ardent enthusiasm, nor rush in a hurry that hides behind the fear of weakness and regression.


Rather, it is Islam that is conscious, prudent, intentional, aspiring...knowing of what is done...reassuring of what is to be... Rather, it is the calm, joyful contentment, the savor of obedience and its beautiful taste."


Dear brothers and sisters

These are the days and nights of glorification, remembrance, living in the mercy of Allah, lessons and meanings of redemption, contentment with Allah’s decree, and trust in the correctness of the path ... The path of the messengers and prophets that allah Almighty willed to make it a source and extension for those who call to allah ... We do not say more about it than what came in the Qur’an of our Lord in Surah hud

“And We relate to you ˹O Prophet˺ the stories of the messengers to reassure your heart. And there has come to you in this ˹sûrah˺ the truth, a warning ˹to the disbelievers˺, and a reminder to the believers.”


And may Allah have mercy on the martyr who said before meeting his Lord:

"These stories were revealed to the Messenger of Allah , may Allah's prayers and peace be upon him, in Mecca... and the few believers with him were confined between its branches. This Qur'an moves in the Muslim row... and this row moves in a prescribed and safe movement."


And a message from us to our brothers and sisters at home and abroad and those behind prison walls who are in charge of Allah’s command with patience and steadfastness on what we believe is the right position to exalt the word of allah Almighty. Soldiers of Allah’s soldiers gather around him on Allah’s land, their colours and tongues differ, and some of them are in charge of it and some of them are the defender of it.

 (O people, your blood and your money are forbidden to you until you meet your Lord).


It is the way to Allah , and it is the call to Allah’s religion, His Qur’an, and what the Messengers brought… We ask Him, the Highest, to unite us on this path with trust, certainty, and a desire for Allah… So blessed are those whom Allah has guided to this path and we ask Him to be one of them and to help us and help our brothers and sisters and a nation. Muhammad, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, for his hardship, hoping from him mercy similar to that which Allah bestowed upon His servants and His Messengers Ibrahim and Ismail, and that over Allah is far away, so His command is between Kaf and Nun (Be)... He is powerful over all things.

Happy new year


Allah is great... Allah is great... Allah is great... there is no allah but Allah

Allah is great! Allah is Great! and the praise to Allah


  Ibrahim Mounir

Deputy General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood and Chargé d'Affairs

Thursday, 8 Dhu al-Hijjah 1443 AH; Corresponding to July 7, 2022 AD