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Statement: The message of the Muslim Brotherhood to the people of Egypt on the eleventh anniversary of the January Revolution.

Statement: The message of the Muslim Brotherhood to the people of Egypt on the eleventh anniversary of the January Revolution.

The eleventh anniversary of the January 25 revolution, which took place for freedom, social justice, and human dignity, is passing us by.


The revolution of Egypt in all its aspects, in which the greatness of Egypt appeared with its children, young and old, commoners and elites, men and women. 

"Egypt speaks for itself “.


We were part of the Egyptian people who took a conscious decision to participate in the revolution to achieve legitimate demands, which the people demanded and have not obtained yet, a decision that we do not regret, and we do not let the sacrifices made for it hinder us. These people who deserve the best deserve freedom side by side. Although they own the wheat, medicine and weapons, as Martyr President Mohamed Morsi called and worked for that, along with all those who are loyal to the homeland.


After the overthrow of a revolution described as perfect, the people’s economic and political suffering increases under a regime that underestimated the people and their most basic needs, demonised their revolution, insulted its symbols, arrested its supporters, and attached every flaw to it on every occasion.


We are really aware that the past years were one round of change, in which the revolution was not always dominated as a result of all our mistakes as political and social forces and loyal symbols of the revolution, which requires a responsible and honest review from everyone.


But it was one round, after which rounds will follow, and the revolution will have victory and empowerment - Allah willing - after the revolutionaries meet again on the same revolutionary values ​​that the January revolution advocated before.


The January 25 revolution will remain firmly rooted in the hearts and minds of the free people, mobilising their energies and actions, and we are sure that it will return once again to dust off the deceptive silence of an unforgettable people, and has always surprised everyone with its gifts and repeated uprisings throughout its modern history.


We in the “Muslim Brotherhood” call upon the comrades of the revolution to unite once again, to meet in the love of the homeland and to work together to achieve the goals of the revolution of a people groaning under the weight of a regime that has insulted the dignity of the homeland and the people, the poorest of them, lost their capabilities, and squandered their land and wealth.


Muslim Brotherhood 

Tuesday 22 Jumada II 1443 AH; Corresponding to January 25, 2022 AD