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The ICJ Resolution Destroys Image of the Supra-Law Entity

The ICJ Resolution Destroys Image of the Supra-Law Entity

The Muslim Brotherhood hails the resolution issued by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) today on ‘provisional measures’ related to South Africa’s case filed against the Zionist entity, accusing it of committing acts of genocide against the people of Palestine in the Gaza Strip (in violation of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide). 

In its resolution, the court obligated the government of the Zionist entity to commit to taking certain measures aimed at stopping any acts of genocide, including preventing and punishing incitement to committing it, ensuring entry of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, and taking effective measures to prevent the destruction and ensure the preservation of forensic evidence related to the genocide charge.

The Brotherhood asserts that this initial ruling has destroyed the image that the occupation had long established about itself in the public consciousness, that it was a supra-law entity, just as Operation Al-Aqsa Flood eliminated the ‘invincible army’ myth. 

This ruling has given hope for justice, as the ICJ resolution was by a majority vote of fifteen to two court judges, in recognition on the part of the court of the Palestinians’ right to protection from acts of genocide, and in conviction of the existence of ample evidence for imposing ‘provisional measures’ on the Zionist entity with regard to the lawsuit filed by South Africa, in accordance with the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. 

The MB views the ICJ resolution as a victory for the wasted ‘humanity’ and absent international justice in the world of today. It is also a reflection of the shift in global public opinion towards the Palestinian issue and the Zionist entity. 

In this regard, the Brotherhood emphasizes that the valiant Palestinian people’s resilience, belief in their rights, and documentation of the crimes of the occupation, as well as the heroic performance of the resistance and its commitment to the international humanitarian law and the morals of Islam, are all among the basic pillars of the strength of the claim, and of the court’s ruling that invalidated the Zionist entity’s request to dismiss the case.

The Brotherhood reiterates its thanks to the Republic of South Africa, its president, its government, and the prosecution team for their honourable position, professional performance, and bias towards the Palestinian people’s right to liberate their land and end the occupation. 

The MB calls for working to increase supporters and participants in the prosecution against the Zionist entity, and to cooperate in collecting forensic evidence in the hope of convicting the Zionist entity and holding it responsible for committing the crime of genocide, with its consequences. 

The Brotherhood also calls on the free people of the world to continue to mobilize and express support for Palestine at all levels, given that this plays a significant role in conveying the voice of the oppressed to the world.

Based on the ICJ order, we must all work to immediately deliver humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, stop the famine, provide relief to the displaced and those suffering. We must work by all means to restore the basic necessities of life to the Strip, especially the health sector, to preserve the lives of the wounded and the injured. 

The Brotherhood calls on the Arab and Muslim countries to assume their responsibilities related to this issue, based on the duty of support. In this regard, the MB calls on Egypt in particular to open the Rafah crossing, provide all forms of assistance to the Gaza Strip, and to open the way for delivery of international aid. The group also calls on the civil society organizations across the world to work to stimulate relief campaigns. 

May Allah Almighty lift the distress and blockade off Gaza and its people.


                 Allah Is the Greatest, and Praise Be to Allah,,


Osama Suleiman
MB Official Spokesperson
(Friday, 14 Rajab 1445 AH / 26 January 2024 AD)