Eng. Osama Suleiman

Media spokespersons

Spokesperson: Eng. Osama Suleiman

  • Member of the General Shura Council of the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Member of the Supreme Committee of the Freedom and Justice Party
  • Former member of the Egyptian House of Representatives.
  • Former Governor of Beheira.


  • Bachelor of Engineering - Alexandria University.
  • Master of Mass Communication, Cairo University.
  • Diploma in International Engineering and Commercial Arbitration.
  • Diploma in Negotiation, Faculty of Economics and Political Science.
  • Diploma in Public Relations, Faculty of Economics and Political Science.

General Activity:

  • Member of the International Law Forum.
  • Member of the Egyptian International Chamber of Law and International Arbitration.
  • Member of the International Committee for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Member of Alexandria Center for International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution.
  • Member of Sawasia Center for Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination.
  • Student activist  in his youth and president of the Alexandria Engineering Student Union in 1985. 
  • A political and community activist and a former member of parliament who was arrested by Mubarak's regime in 2010

Personal Information

  • Age 60 years
  • Born in Damanhour on 27/4/1964
  • Businessman in the field of  real estate investment