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Significant Statements by MB Political Bureau on El-Sharq TV

Significant Statements by MB Political Bureau on El-Sharq TV

Head of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Political Bureau Dr. Helmy El-Gazzar has stressed that the solution to the crises that Egypt is currently suffering from is basically a political one; and that societal reconciliation should be the starting point for facing the challenges of the Egyptian affair.

Dr. El-Gazzar’s statements came during an exclusive interview on El-Sharq TV, Istanbul, where he tackled the group’s attitude towards recent developments in the Egyptian and Arab political arena.

El-Gazzar stressed that the Muslim Brotherhood has decided not to struggle (with the current regime) over power, and that this approach is an integral part of our new vision and not at all a matter of political maneuver. He also noted that this (struggling over power) is not the only form of practicing politics, adding that political action is much broader than the struggle or competition for power which sometimes leads to a kind of societal disorder.

El-Gazzar pointed out that one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s most significant priorities is paying attention to society and building social protection networks.

Dr. El-Gazzar explained that the Brotherhood’s new vision focuses on opening a new page for engaging in dialogue with everyone and turning the page on differences, considering settlement of the detainees’ crisis and putting an end to the suffering of their families as a top priority for political action at this stage.

The head of the MB Political Bureau called on all political forces to review their positions and dismiss political selfishness, noting that the Brotherhood had started a serious review of its path during the past ten years. He also called for a comprehensive societal reconciliation to overcome all the challenges that Egypt is now going through.

El-Gazzar said that the MB relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is historic and good, and that ‘we want to turn the page on differences with the Kingdom; and we are keen to extend our hands to the Arab community in general, considering that we are an Islamic call that seeks reform and wants good for all nations.

El-Gazzar concluded his interview by commenting on the crisis of disagreement that had occurred within the group, defining it as an administrative disagreement rather than an intellectual one. He added that that dispute was in the past; it is subsiding in the present time; and it will end in the future, God willing.