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MB condemns the US-British aggression against Yemen

MB condemns the US-British aggression against Yemen

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) once again condemns the US-British aggression against brotherly Yemen, under the pretext of its support for Gaza in the face of the blockade imposed on the Palestinian Strip, the humanitarian catastrophe there, and the genocide committed by the occupation against the people of Gaza.

The MB stresses that the aggression against the people of Yemen demonstrates a dangerous escalation that may drag the whole region into more turmoil and instability.

The Brotherhood calls on the United States and its partners to remain neutral, respect the sovereignty of Arab countries and the interests of their people, halt its support to the Israeli occupation, and take practical procedures to stop the aggression and the war crimes committed against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.


                Allah Is the Greatest, and Praise Be to Allah,,


MB Official Spokesperson

Osama Suleiman

(Sunday, 24 Rajab 1445 AH / 4 February 2024 AD)