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MB Warns of a Genocide Scenario in Rafah

MB Warns of a Genocide Scenario in Rafah

With regard to the reports circulated about the Israeli occupation’s intention to storm the city of Rafah, the last refuge for the displaced people in the Gaza Strip, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) warns against any action that would target the Palestinian resistance and further displace the Palestinians, considering this a direct hostile act against Egyptian national security, and a betrayal of the nation’s central cause, in addition to being a war crime and a genocide crime, according to the international humanitarian law.

The MB stresses the need to adhere to the Egyptian position rejecting the displacement of Palestinians to Sinai, which Egypt has announced since the launch of the war, and to adhere to rejection of any military action by the occupation in the Philadelphia axis and the city of Rafah. The Brotherhood views any military action carried out by Israel in Rafah as a crime that requires abrogation of the Peace Accords with “Israel” – which the MB rejected from the very early day. The Brotherhood demands a firm response to any violation committed by the occupation in this regard, and not to be complacent, as happened in previous violations, where the enemy recurrently committed assaults that violated the peace treaty, both in its Egyptian and Palestinian parts, which requires annulling it.

The Muslim Brotherhood puts the Egyptian army before its responsibility to protect Egyptian sovereignty and also protect the people of Gaza, in accordance with the Arab Joint Defence and Economic Co-operation Treaty and in accordance with Islamic brotherhood and the right of neighbourliness. The MB also calls on the Egyptian government to adopt practical positions regarding provision of support to the Palestinian resistance and consolidating its position, to stop any security coordination with the Israeli occupation with respect to the crossings, as it is a purely Egyptian-Palestinian matter, to work to lift the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip immediately to allow bringing in aid through all land and sea ports, and to provide relief to the sick, hungry, and affected people – considering the Egyptian regime fully and directly responsible for this.

The MB calls on the Arab countries to stand against the Israeli occupation plans and work to stop the aggression in every possible way. We call on the Arab peoples, especially in neighbouring countries, to take action in supporting the Palestinian people and push their governments to seriously bear their responsibilities.

We also call on the free people of the world to continue their popular mobilization, confront Israeli propaganda, and show support for the Palestinian cause, with the aim of influencing official positions in the United States and Europe.


                 Allah Is the Greatest, and Praise Be to Allah,,

MB Official Spokesperson

Osama Suleiman

(Monday, 2 Shaaban 1445 AH / 12 February 2024 AD)