Weekly Letter

A weekly message issued by the Muslim Brotherhood

A message from the heart...A call to action

A message from the heart...A call to action

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah.

In these good days, we extend our sincere well-wishing to Muslims in all parts of the world on the anniversary of the birth of our Prophet, our Messenger and our beloved Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), that final prophet sent by Allah SWT as a mercy to the worlds. Whose birth and mission made a huge transformation in the history of all mankind.

Prophet Muhammad brought people out of darkness into light and established the best nation brought out to people that command good and forbid evil and believe in Allah. He established the best nation that spreads righteous morals among people, raises dealings to the levels of loftiness and sophistication, establishes the law of Allah SWT, which guarantees rights and protects blood, honor and wealth without discrimination based on gender, color or creed, and makes the only balance that of Allah SWT ''Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you'' (49:13).

Honorable Brothers and Sisters everywhere,

We apologize for preoccupying you with matters that could not have occurred in our blessed divine community, especially as we all have wounds that have not yet healed, and pains that have not yet subsided in the body of our wounded organization, with its martyrs, detainees and those expelled But it is Allah's dominant predestination and his upbringing for every motive, and indicative of it.

We are not heretics from those with previous supplications whom Allah SWT tested in their morals as he tested them in their enemy, so the test polished their truth, taught their ignorant and nurtured their masses.

The Companions who succeeded in fighting their enemy with the sword in (Badr) would have almost failed in the battle of spoils, had it not been for the blessing of Allah to them, until Ubadah ibn al-Samit, may Allah be pleased with him, said, speaking about Surat Al-Anfal: “These verses were revealed to us when our morals deteriorated in the matter of the spoils.”

Also On the day of the Battle of (Uhud), when they succeeded in repelling their enemy from the Archers Mountain. They did not succeed in fending off the fortunes of themselves from the order. Likewise in (The Battle of Bani al-Mustaliq) when the Companions defeated their enemy and captured many of them. They were about to fight among themselves when their caller called out to the (Ansar), and the other replied to him, Oh to the Emigrants, had it not been for the intervention of the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) and turn them away from Satan's deviation.

The Muslim community is nurtured by Allah by what he brought up the ancients because the upbringing of events and twists and turns has a deeper impact than books and lectures, and our morals have deteriorated - as the companion said - and we hope after that to learn as they were taught, and to be brought up as they were brought up.

The fault is not that our morals deteriorate or our understanding of the messages of Allah's chastisement is delayed. Rather, the fault is that we delay reading Allah's messages to us, or we don’t know how to learn from them until it is too late, or life ends. Allah has tested our organization with several tests, after which we hope for a soon relief and a great reward, and an education that we see in our morals and good conduct, the strength of our brothers and the unity of our hearts, may Allah will.

Honorable Brothers and Sisters: 

The recent events are but one of the stages of hard education in which Allah SWT teaches us what we did not know before.

Where some of the Brotherhood issued an invalid decision whose organizer is unknown to dismiss the deputy leader and the acting General Guide without even the slightest investigation and with a fictitious meeting they come out with the results of, with little numbers that they were ashamed to mention, so they mentioned ratios that do not have a number behind it, which made the members of the Brotherhood’s General Shura Council hasten to reject the matter And renew the pledge of allegiance. If all these people reject this deed, then who accepted it?!  who made it?! As violent and swift the event was, the greater the goodness in it, which Allah SWT reveals to us some of its secrets at all times, and Allah opens doors of goodness through it that we did not calculate.

Honorable Brothers and Sisters: 

We appreciate your pain for what has befallen, and your pain for what has befallen your Brothers, but a wise person should not live captive of his sorrows.

Should we have made positive use of what happened to us, it would have produced a lot of good.

keep up the endurance 

Overcome the ordeal by looking at the bounty behind it, stir the water until it purifies, unite the separated hearts until they are reconciled, and conjure up the hopes until they are fulfilled.

And none of you should say: Or after this long life will they wake up to the order of change and correction?! forgetting what he, may Allah SWT's prayers and peace be upon him, said: “Do not be surprised by the work of a someone until you see how it closed”

And he, may Allah SWT's prayers and peace be upon him, said: “Actions are but the last.”

And Allah knows that our lives were His, and we ask Allah that the lasts be likewise.

And we hope that Allah will seal for us what he loves, Glory be to Him, by moving what has deteriorated in the matter of the Da'wah, strengthening what has weakened in its system, and handing over the banner to a strong, young generation that needs it in the face of the days, and the nation of our prophet (peace be upon him), so help us with strength, and you will not find us with Allah’s help but Hope for your hopes, cure for your pain.

Honorable Brothers and Sisters:

 There are huge tasks behind us that begin with the wound that afflicts us all.

The wounds of the men and women detained, whom we hope that Allah SWT will speed up their liberation from their ordeal that has befallen them and upon us; The second, third and fourth is the development of the Muslim Brotherhood, the unification of its ranks, the unification of its word, and the infusion of new blood into its veins.

This requires all of us to continue day and night and to spend time after time.

So stop debating and disputing in the blue space and others, for the circumstance in which our organization lives there is no time for grudges, hostility or animosity, for Allah SWT helps us with the purity of our chests, the sincerity of our brothers, and our good morals.

Unite and do not divide, unite and do not differ, and remember that the hopes of the sincere people of the nation are pinned on you and reformers like you, from the people of every Muslim reform movement, and every day that passes from the life of the people of truth without action prolongs the life of falsehood and its tyranny.

As for you, our Brothers and Sisters in Egypt, Allah SWT knows that you are the conversation of every assembly, the pain of every solitude, and the substance of every meeting with the people of the East and the West, and before all of this you are our refuge between us and our Lord in every prayer until we combine in you the cause of earth and heaven, and we ask Allah SWT to make us gratified with your success.

Honorable Brothers and Sisters: Return to the map of your day the daily ''Wird'' recited, the ''Dhikr'' you recite morning and evening, the voluntary fasts, the recitation of the Holy Qur’an, the night prayers and the supplications of the dawn.

Restore the rights of Allah in your time, your money and all your affairs.

And do not say that the recent events have distracted you, there is no rage without weapons, and your first weapon is your worship and your good relationship with your Lord. Who knows? Perhaps Allah raises the affliction with a tear of humility in the last part of the night, saying: ''Lord of my nation, my nation, Lord of my brothers, my brothers, Lord of my Da'wah is my Da'wah''.

May Allah bless and support you.

May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah SWT be upon you. 

Your brother: Ibrahim Munir, Deputy leader and Acting General Guide