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Statement By Deputy Guide on the 3rd memorial of President Mohamed Morsi

Statement By Deputy Guide on the 3rd memorial of President Mohamed Morsi

Mohamed Morsi

 A beam of light in Egypt’s darkness 

Three years have passed since we lost the justice, giving, and loyalty to the Egyptian people’s rights icon, who was a beam of light within a long history of the loss of justice and people’s light; a beam that was turned off by the bloody coup against the first elected president in Egypt’s long history. 

They have tried to discredit his name, yet they could not present anything that would challenge his religion, patriotism, or honesty. He was then in a siege; they presented him to the world behind a glass cage, where his voice could not be heard if we wanted to show his innocence to judges who won’t rule justly and to people who wouldn’t be able to listen to the truth and the matter of facts. 

They have set the floor to execute him in plain sight, to hide their crimes, the thought in cunning that they have covered his history underground with his body. Still, it was Allah’s destiny for people to see him for the purity he reflects, their imprisoned tears have shed in testimony before God of the martyr’s innocence, alongside it tens of thousands more of tears are shed over the martyrs and the oppressed, ones that surrounded him doing what’s right against all that’s wrong, and who were afflicted with his suffering. 

The scene was perked with the iconic martyr of the soul that only wished good and prosperity by everyone, receding poetry written by an Egyptian leader that died in diaspora and said: 

“My country, even when unjust by me, is dear… 

My family, even when greedy to me, are honorable!” 

The new pharaohs wanted it to show strength and power, and Allah wanted it to be a rightful testimony for the iconic martyr in his time and for those who walked with him for Justice and loyalty, highlighting the differences between their goals and targets, for history to write the rightful testimony, one would last to the end of time, with might rightfulness and justness, with millions of testimonies to come, of numbers that only Allah knows of, so the highest is as Allah declared in Surat Az-Zumar: “And those who kept their duty to their Lord will be led to Paradise in groups, till when they reach it, and its gates will be opened (before their arrival for their reception), and its keepers will say: Salamun 'Alaikum (peace be upon you)! You have done well, so enter here to abide therein.”  

And may Allah have mercy upon our martyr, Sayed Qutb, who has gone through this verse before meeting his creator and said: “It is the good reception, beloved praise,  and the clarity of reason “You’ve done well”, you have purified yourself and came back kind, there is nothing in it but good and no one except the “good” shall be there, and in that heavenly blessing is immortality.” 

My brother and my president, the one I loved for Allah, the fair would write about you and your memory and the memory of all martyrs shall live on. I know not how to mourn you in your passing, and I tesitify amongst all people, that you are the good example on life on earth, and my words can’t express my love and that of the people for you, when your message to your country and people came so loving and forgiving; I found my self reciting Ahmed Shawki when he was mourning his friend Hafiz Ibrahim: 

I would have preferred you mourn me… 

                                     O you impartial to those living dead 

But you went first and every length… 

                                 was a safe fate and every wish too 

I wish I could have died instead of you…

                         and those liers’d die for me 

The haven’t broken you, but you them… 

                          who’d ever break the stars

My condolences and that of my brothers to the martyrs family and the families of all martyrs, May Allah protect Egypt and its people and those of the Muslim world. May peace be upon you. 

June 26th 2022 

Zul-Qida 17th 1443 

Ibrahim Munir 

Deputy General Guide and Acting Director