Weekly Letter

A weekly message issued by the Muslim Brotherhood

Prepare yourselves with the right education and test it with work

Prepare yourselves with the right education and test it with work

In the name of Allah the Merciful

Praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family and companions, and those who are loyal to him


“ Say, ˹O Prophet,˺ “I advise you to do ˹only˺ one thing: stand up for ˹the sake of˺ Allah—individually or in pairs—then reflect. Your fellow man1 is not insane. He is only a warner to you before ˹the coming of˺ a severe punishment. (46) Say, “If I had ever asked you for a reward, you could keep it. My reward is only from Allah. And He is a Witness over all things.(47) Say, “Surely my Lord hurls the truth ˹against falsehood˺. ˹He is˺ the Knower of all unseen.(48) Say, “The truth has come, and falsehood will vanish, never to return.(49) Say, “If I am astray, the loss is only mine. And if I am guided, it is ˹only˺ because of what my Lord reveals to me. He is indeed All-Hearing, Ever Near.(50) ” Surah saba.

Dear brothers

Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah

In this blessed session, by the will of Allah, after a short interruption, the group continues its ascent to reach with his permission and help, the highest, to the beginnings of the second hundred years of its life and work. 


The martyr Imam Hassan Al-Banna, who was in his thirties in the 1940’s explained in it his goal of calling to the group, which he presented with the previous noble verses of Surat Sabaa after he gave them the title “The Call of the Muslim Brotherhood or the Call of Islam in the Fourteenth Hijri Century.” Where he assigned seven universal titles: 

"The Muslim individual - the Muslim home - the Muslim community - the Muslim government - Raising the banner of Allah high - declaring our call to the whole world

They are the titles or goals that the grandparents’ generation pledged allegiance to work to achieve, then the generations that came after it, leading to what we can say about the grandchildren’s generation, which with its understanding, work, and feelings with previous generations about it, despite the different cultures, nature of environments and the diversity of events, continues to walk with confidence and certainty in its realisation that any one of these seven addresses alone cannot create change unless they come together under one integrated system.


And after the established Imam, may Allah have mercy on him, made it clear that the message had duties to work towards achieving these goals, he emphasised that:

“It is our duty as the Brotherhood to explain to the people the limits of this Islam, clear and complete, with no addition or reduction, or ambiguity with it, and that is the theoretical part of our idea…

And to ask them to accomplish it and get them to implement it and take them to work for it and that is the practical part of our idea...

And because the matter is not sermons that are said in forums, nor is it a heartfelt talk in hearts and minds, the Imam, may Allah have mercy on him, following his speech, with a specific meaning that he emphasised in the message of the Fifth Conference under the title “When will our executive step be? He said in it:

 “The field of speech is not the field of imagination, and the field of action is not the field of speech, and the field of jihad is not the field of action, and the field of true jihad is not the field of false jihad.

It is easy for many to imagine, but not every image that comes to mind can be portrayed in words, and many can say, that a little of this much is proven when working, and a lot of this little can work, but few of them can bear the burdens of hard jihad and hard work.

And these Mujahideen, who are the elite few from the Ansar, may miss the path and not achieve the goal if Allah's providence does not correct them.

And the story of Talut, dear brothers, to which the imam took us, is what illuminates before us the path of change and conciliation in the work of our prophet Dawoud, peace be upon him, and defines the nature of the conflict between the forces of good and evil, and the parameters of guidance and misguidance, with lessons learned in repelling falsehood. The Ummah in clarifying the required equipment in the verse:

“ Be patient ˹O Prophet˺ with what they say. And remember Our servant, David, the man of strength. Indeed, he ˹constantly˺ turned ˹to Allah˺(17) We truly subjected the mountains to hymn ˹Our praises˺ along with him in the evening and after sunrise (18) And ˹We subjected˺ the birds, flocking together. All turned to him ˹echoing his hymns˺(19) We strengthened his kingship, and gave him wisdom and sound judgment (20) “ Surah sad. 

To confirm through the divine message that pure servitude to Allah Almighty alone, accompanied by the power to obey and guard against disobedience, is the way...

And because Imam Al-Banna, may Allah have mercy on him, was aware of the size and extent of what Allah had guided him to by making the seven goals into one entity, so he began his work after the events of the First World War and the fall of countries and the rise of ideas in which the horns of Satan emerged. On the condition that he stays away from being a harmful act, that builds and does not destroy, his inspiring recommendation to his companions and the generations of the community after him was:


I would like you to understand well who you are in the people of this age?... What is your call amongst all the other calls... and which group is your group... and for what meaning may Allah bring you together, unite your hearts and your destination, and show your idea in this difficult time in which the world is eager to call for peace and salvation.

So remember well, brothers... that you are the strangers who are right when people are corrupt, and that you are the new mind by which Allah wants to differentiate between truth and falsehood at a time when the truth is confused with falsehood, and that you are the advocates of Islam, the bearers of the Qur’an, the connection of the earth to the sky, and the inheritors of Muhammad, may Allah's prayers and peace be upon him; your prayers were preferred over the prayers, you chose your goal over the ends, you relied on a strong pillar, and you held on to a strong and inextricable handle, and you took a clear light, and people have confused the paths and have gone astray from the right path.

Allah is prevailing over.

Dear brothers

After this blessed age of the Muslim Brotherhood as a global human community, and its thought, upon which the members of this assembly gathered, with conviction and certainty of the correctness of what it carries and calls for, the matter requires a pause and evaluation of what Allah Almighty has guided and achieved in successes, as well as the consequences of the misfortunes inflicted on it because of the commitment With its thought based on what it believes to be true, because of his original agreement with the Book of Allah, Glory be to Him, and which is established from the Sunnah of the Messenger, may Allah's prayers and peace be upon him.

With the difficulties of the path and its obstacles now, the torrent of writings about the group and what has been monitored from it so far, it is not an exaggeration to say that it has been taking place on a daily basis throughout these years, and what it contains visions that the people may have forgotten or did not give it its right when formulating its work policies.

And the beginning of the distress was from the first days of the group’s attempts to gain its loyalty, which was described by the founding imam in his saying: “Oh brothers, you will be arrested, your money will be confiscated, you will fight, you will be separated, you will be injured, and you will be afflicted with regard to your family and business….

Without listing the results of some erroneous judgments in community work in some countries, the most severe “example” is what happened in Egypt when some of the work officials departed from the requirements of the constants of their thought and the secretariats of allegiance in the events of the assassination of Judge Al-Khazindar on March 22, 1948, and then the matter was repeated in the assassination of the prime minister Al-Naqrashi on December 28, 1948 - and the group is in distress - Imam al-Banna almost reached solutions to the ordeal, so that the regime’s response to the event came with the assassination of the Imam, may God have mercy on him, in addition to the matters that befallen the group, which it was certainly innocent of.

And in the year 1954, which witnessed the conspiracy of the military regime, and its exploitation of wrong individual jurisprudence that took place by bypassing the group’s leadership, so what happened happened and a severe ordeal was recorded in history...

Then came the events of 1965 and the jurisprudence of some that followed the path of the previous mistakes, which were resolved by the leadership’s obligation to oblige the class with all its trusts so that by the grace of God the affliction of atonement would also pass with it in peace on the class and on the work of the group and on the paths and directions of correct Islamic action worldwide.


And to be honest with the world and history, the greatest harm that falls on the group is when calamity comes due to actions that occur at the hands of some of its officials or those who are entrusted by the group when they ignore some of the pillars of the pledge of allegiance on the assumption that they know what benefits the group and not others...

In this historical narrative, perhaps it is important to point out, in a very brief way, two things that can be said that are among the constants and quorum of survival for the group, which have been associated with it since its inception ninety-four years ago “March 1928-June 2022.” Some mistakes of the past, defending the true religion and resisting the attempt to divert the paths of servitude to Allah alone.


And about the first, which is steadfastness and steadfastness in front of the military campaigns that overthrew the Caliphate state in Turkey and extended to sever the map of the one state with the scourge of the occupation that afflicted many parts of the nation, including what happened to Kashmir in India and the blessed land around the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the group, like other elites of the nation, had to deal With this affliction, Allah's grace was to give him a lot without despairing of the inability of some to continue to carry out the duty of honesty and bear the costs of work, so it proceeded without compromising in preserving the honesty of thought and one class.

With this challenge came the duty to confront ideas and ideologies that were supported by empires, states and governments that began in close years with the beginnings of the group, such as communism, Marxism, Baathism, secularism, liberalism, and nationalism, all of which are united by the denial of religion or belief in some and the exclusion of others.

And some of them were attributed to the people of rulers and presidents, such as Nasiriyah “in relation to Gamal Abdel Nasser in the Arab region and “Pancasila” in Indonesia...

Despite all these challenges, the group continued on its path, bearing its responsibilities towards its secretariats.


The consequences of matters were not mere disputes in forums, but rather bloodshed, displacement, exile and prisons until we have now reached, with Allah's help alone, the harvest of steadfastness and steadfastness on the truth. And the founder imam came to him and shared with him the sincerity of the pledge of allegiance, and he preserved the limits and milestones of what he did, bearing the heat and costs of leadership, and other symbols who agreed on the same approach in the Indian continent, including Professor Abu Al-Ala Al-Mawdudi, Professor Abu Al-Hasan Al-Nadawi and others, may Allah have mercy on them all, and with them as well those who continue to flow from his good giving In different parts of the world, and what brothers and sisters, Allah has decreed for them to emigrate and separate from the harsh homelands, are doing in order to be extensions of a true river of thought, and for this elite to be spread over the face of the earth is the inclusive address for which others will hold us accountable.

And about the second, about which it can be said that it was from within the nation and adherents of the same qiblah, even if it carried with it the effects of freezing or standing in front of previous rulings and fatwas that were not lived and realised by generations in the group, with jurisprudence on matters that are not from the core of religion, such as absolute adherence to the doctrine that a specific society has other than What another society agrees on, such as the quality of the imam of prayer and his doctrine, and even the validity of the marriage contract between the adherents of various sects “and all of them are Sunnis” to the standard of beard and clothing and the like, and the right of women to education and their role in calling to Allah and in community work, which was preventing access to true conviction and correct action.

This was another field, in which the group persevered and was patient and continued its work in thought and giving until the correct understanding and thought prevailed in the face of these manifestations…

Dear brothers

It is not easy to ignore what the group faced in its past and present and what it is now in the reality of its inner class and what surrounds it, which imposes on us all the fidelity to continue the path despite all the difficulties and the burdens that entailed on it, to return once again to what the martyred Imam left us - May Allah have mercy on him - not to venerate him or to be proud of him over anyone, but to touch the complete honesty with what we have pledged allegiance to...

And a reminder of what came in the letter “Our Call” more than eighty years ago, when he said:

“As for it being divine because the foundation upon which all of our goals revolve is that people get to know their Lord and that they derive from the abundance of this connection a generous spirituality that transcends themselves from the inertia and ingratitude of deaf matter to the purity and beauty of virtuous humanity.”

We, the Muslim Brotherhood, shout with all our hearts:

“Allah is our goal.” The first objective of this call is for people to once again remember this connection that binds them to Allah, the Blessed and Most High, which they forgot, so Allah made them forget themselves.


This is the first key to the locks of human problems that stagnation and materialism have locked in the faces of all human beings, and they have not been able to solve them in any way. Without this key, there is no reform.

So to work, dear brothers

Allah will not forget our deeds

Allah is the greatest, praise be to him

Ibrahim Mounir

Deputy General Guide of the "Muslim Brotherhood" and Chargé d'Affairs

Thursday 24 Dhul Qi’dah 1443 AH; Corresponding to June 23, 2022 AD