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Statement regarding the rise in the number of victims in Egyptian prisons because of medical negligence

Statement regarding the rise in the number of victims in Egyptian prisons because of medical negligence

Amid official encouragement and international silence, more prisoners of conscience are being killed in Egyptian prisons because of deliberate medical negligence.

These cases are not limited to a specific prison although the new prison called ‘’Badr’’ has seen the highest number of cases, as it witnessed 3 victims during November, bringing the number of deaths to 38 since the beginning of this year, according to the documentation of human rights organizations, which have recorded 1145 deaths since the 2013 coup.

This has made Egyptian prisons one of the most brutal places in the world. The vocabulary of torture, poor health care, medical negligence, and humiliation have become commonly used by international organizations focusing on human rights affairs which have described detention centers in Egypt as living graves where many are arrested under the banner of indefinite pre-trial detention. Thousands are kept in prisons without charge or judicial supervision of their detention.

As the Muslim Brotherhood extends its sincere condolences to the families of the victims, we affirm that the crime of slow killing because of medical negligence in prisons is a crime that has no statute of limitations. The Muslim Brotherhood also affirms that the issue of detainees will remain one of its most important priorities until the release of the last prisoner.

Despite the suffering of the detainees from the absence of the slightest elements of human care inside their prison, the media outlets are effusing about the release of dozens of detainees through the Presidential Pardon Committee which is not proportionate with the number of detainees, which exceeds thousands.

The Muslim Brotherhood calls on the governments of the world and international organizations to demand that the Egyptian authorities release thousands of political detainees and stop the farcical trials.

The Muslim Brotherhood also stresses that it will continue to work through all available means to end the suffering of all detainees.


The Muslim Brotherhood

Friday 8 Jumada Al-Awwal 1444 AH; 2nd of December 2022