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On the 10th. Anniversary of the Rabaa Massacre, Muslim Brotherhood Demands Freedom for Detainees

On the 10th. Anniversary of the Rabaa Massacre, Muslim Brotherhood Demands Freedom for Detainees

On the 10th. Anniversary of the Rabaa Massacre, Muslim Brotherhood Demands Freedom for Detainees

In the Name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful; Praise be to Him; and blessings and peace be upon His Messenger, his kinsfolk, companions, and followers:

Brothers and sisters everywhere,

O proud and dignified Egyptian people,

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the Rabaa Massacre, the massacre that moved the conscience of the free world, due to its severe atrocities: and broke the heart of every human who believes in the right to life and freedom. Despite the passage of ten years since occurrence of the massacre, its implications are still vivid within us; its images fresh before our eyes, and its screams unforgettable. Throughout our modern history, we have never learned about a similar crime committed against peaceful, defenseless civilians, except in major wars and conflicts. As for this massacre being committed in peace time, not in war, and with Egyptian hands, it is extremely disgraceful. It is a crime against the people of one country, one land, and one homeland; rather, it is a full-fledged crime against humanity, due to its enormity and the horror of its implications.

In fact, the real beginning of the Rabaa sit-in was when the Egyptian people revolted in January 2011 for their livelihood, freedom and dignity; struggled and provided precious sacrifices until they gained their freedom, elected a parliament, drafted a constitution and chose a civilian president out of own free will. But it all ended with scenes of killing, arrest, and arson that destroyed their dream of a democratic state that they were looking forward to and were extremely eager to see.

Ten "black" years have passed since the Rabaa Massacre, which added a new page of injustice in Egypt and the whole world; where the number of victims of torture, execution, and medical negligence exceeded the number of victims of the two massacres of Rabaa and Al-Nahda squares, which have been documented by international human rights organizations.

Also, arbitrary detention continues to afflict tens of thousands of Egypt’s finest people, with scholars, university professors, members of parliament, ministers, and students, including women, children, and elderly people! The Egyptian regime did not skip a crime stipulated in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) but committed them all against its opponents.

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) confirms that the release of political detainees and the unleashing of public freedoms is the minimum national action that should be achieved, where there is no room for politics amid the tight security grip and fear, and the inability to express opinion and belonging.

To conclude, the Brotherhood calls on leaders of states and governments, and all popular, transnational, and international organizations, and human rights organizations, to demand the release of all detainees in Egypt’s prisons, and investigation into the crimes that they are subjected to regularly and systematically in their confinement.

In this regard, the MB affirms the right to fair trials for those who have committed crimes against the Egyptian people, and that the blood that was spilled in Rabaa and Al-Nahda squares, as well as all Egyptian squares will not be subject to a statute of limitations.

On this painful memory, we extend the highest signs of commitment and gratitude to all detainees who are grasping onto hot embers, from all political spectra, for the sacrifices they have provided for the freedom of their homeland. We also single out the families of martyrs and detainees by praying to Allah Almighty to accept their sacrifices, and to relieve our hardships and theirs, as well as the hardships of all the free people of Egypt.

﴾…Verily, Allah will accomplish His purpose. Allah has already set for everything a decreed extent ﴿(Al-Talaq:3)


Dr. Salah Abdel Haq

Acting Muslim Brotherhood General Guide

 (Monday, 27 Muharram 1445 AH / 14 August 2023)