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On The Anniversary of The Revolutions.. Yes We Can

On The Anniversary of The Revolutions.. Yes We Can

On The Anniversary of The Revolutions.. Yes We Can

In the name of Allah, praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace be upon our master, the Messenger of Allah, his companions, and those who followed him.

The anniversary of the Egyptian revolution on January 25, 2011 comes preceded by the events of the Tunisian revolution in December 2010, and then the successive revolutions in Syria, Libya, Yemen and others; To reaffirm the longing of our Arab and Islamic nations for freedom, dignity and a decent life, and their quest to achieve national political, economic and intellectual liberation, and their anger, which has reached its climax at the deterioration of their living conditions, and the degradation in their status. These raging feelings - fueled by the blood of people, their sacrifices and the convoys of their martyrs - are the best witness to the goodness of this nation, and its renewed ability to rise, no matter how hard it stumbles, how long its stillness is, and how much its enemies thought that it was hopeless so it gave up.

And we are in the midst of this anniversary as we remember the thousands of martyrs and the wounded, and the thousands of honourable and righteous detainees who did their best to create for their nation a future worthy of it, we emphasise a number of values, ones which the enemies of the nation and opponents of its freedom have sacrificed their efforts to obscure or falsify it:


  1. The revolutions of the Arab Spring, which erupted from the heart of our nation's suffering, were the inevitable result of decades of oppression and humiliation, the imposition of ignorance and poverty, and the confiscation of legitimate hopes for liberation, valued human rights, and preserved dignity of homelands.


  1. These revolutions - with the great sacrifices they made - would not have occurred except as a result of the frustrated despair of bringing about a peaceful change that meets the needs of the people in rational governance, and a peaceful transfer of power that denies tyranny and authoritarianism, and puts it in its rightful position as a representative for the nation that achieves their ambitions, and a servant to them who takes care of their interests, and leads them with justice and care, not with compulsion and tyranny.


  1. The combination of tyrannical rule with ill-gotten money produces a system of endemic corruption that imposed backwardness and collapse      and wasted on the youth, who aspire to a better future, a decent life in a free and independent homeland. This youth which make up more than 70% of our nation, 40% of whom suffer from unemployment, poverty, and blockage of future prospects.


  1. The failure of the ruling regimes to comprehend the significance of these revolutions, understand their aims, and appreciate the nobleness of their intentions has plunged our country into a spiral of violence and took years of costly repercussions from all sides, and the homelands took the biggest losses. Some ruling regimes did not hesitate to allow foreign countries to abduct our homelands for the sake of their survival, whether it is through more political submission, opening the doors wide for military bases and foreign armies, and mercenary groups of blood and arms dealers, or by borrowing money, and meeting the conditions of lenders from states and agencies, even if they sacrifice, for the sake of this failure and impotence, the capabilities of the country and the future of its upcoming generations.


Significant events have demonstrated the extent of the connection between the independence of national decision-making and the recognition of people's political freedom. These events also demonstrated that the nations who enjoy freedom are the ones who value their homelands and are good at defending them and that the loyalty of rational political systems is to the people who brought them.


  1. The Arab revolutions also confirmed the extent of the falsehood of the slogans raised by international powers and organisations, such as the slogans of freedom, democracy, justice, and human rights. They only want to achieve their limited colonial interests even if it is by empowering tyrannical regimes that oppress their people, that will not accrue to those countries and organisations except with loss, as it places itself in the trench of hostility to the people, whereas the historical norm and the laws of the universe have proven that victory will be theirs in the end.


In conclusion, it is regrettable that twelve years after the outbreak of the Arab revolutions, we find ourselves suffering from the same causes that led to their resurgence, and the nation is still haunted by anger factors that have not found a wise treatment for them.


Today, we are in dire need of contemplating the events of those years, and rising above the false illusions that deceive some ruling regimes into thinking that they are victorious over their people, and that brutal force is capable of resolving the conflict. There is no doubt that those regimes - on the eve of the Arab Spring revolutions - were far away from expecting these revolutions or estimating its ability to dislodge thrones that have been suppressing their people for decades


Is it possible today for the wise in our nation to raise the banners of wisdom and insight and shout with sincerity: O our people, we are the sons of one nation, we sail the same ship, surrounded by dangers that threaten all those in it, so will everyone interconnect under one slogan: “Yes we can”, there is no way for arrogance And stubbornness, the country needs everyone's effort. 

(While God speaks the truth and guides people to the right path) Surah Ahzab 33:4


God is great, praise be to God

Dr. Mohi-Din AlZayet

Acting General Leader of The Muslim Brotherhood

Wednesday 3 Rajab 1444 AH

25 January 2023